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16th Tallinn Design Festival Opening 

Mon 20.09.2021 at 18:00

@ Põhjala tehas, Marati 5, 11713, Tallinn


At 15:00 / Doors of the XVI Tallinn Design Festival are open!

At 15:00 / Travelling Talks lecture series (Fourth hangar)

At 18:00 / Official opening of the XVI Tallinn Design Festival

At 18:00 / Opening of the international exhibition "SOS Design" (First hangar)

At 18:30 / Opening of the display of design- and architecture schools (Sixth hangar)

At 19:00 / Opening of the exhibition of Estonian sustainable design "Second Chance" (Hangar Institute)

At 19:30 / Opening of the international graphic design exhibition "ABSURD" (Big hangar)

At 20:00 / Show of lighting design "Future Cemetery" (Fourth hangar)
For free!

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The official opening of the XVI Tallinn Design Festival will take place on the grounds of the Põhjala Factory, which has already become quite homey to the festival.

Lovers of design will have plenty to explore on Monday, September 20, as this year's #Disainiöö, which focuses on extraordinary and life-saving SOS design, will launch at 15:00 with the Travelling Talks lecture series in the Big hangar of Põhjala, where we’ll hear inspiring people who have promoted local life and culture.

Towards the evening other corners of the old rubber factory will be toured, since through two floors the international main exhibition "SOS Design", the latest display of local design and architecture schools, the exhibition of Estonian sustainable design "Second Chance" and the international graphic design exhibition "ABSURD" will be opened.

The opening evening will end with a lighting design show "Future Cemetery”, which will reflect on the topic of tomorrow’s graveyards. Spiritual, beautiful and gospel-like, during the festival people can also take part in the collection of ideas by leaving their descriptions of future resting places in the Idea-gathering Urn.