Green-Being: WTF?*

Jaga üritust

International CONFERENCE "Green-Being: WTF*?"

Thu 22.09.2022 at 10—16

@ Baltic Manufactory; Manufaktuuri Tänav 5, Tallinn

FREE / with lunch 15 €. Register here.
XVII Tallinn Design Festival international conference:

The international conference "Green-Being: WTF?*" will challenge greenwashing by presenting best practices and inspiring solutions from designers and product and service developers. Does the solution lie in recycling and new environmentally friendly materials only, or is it possible to redesign production processes to lengthen the value chain of materials and products?

The keynote speakers will include John Thackara, design-thinker and writer, Eray Sertaç Ersayin, board member of the World Design Organisation (WDO), Reet Aus PhD, fashion innovator, MoA Sergio Dávila, designer and External Linkages at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Paula Nerlich, material designer, Kärt Ojavee PhD, textile designer, and Kai Realo, chairman of the board in Ragn-Sells. Also, the president of the World Design Organisation David Kusuma will be giving a video greeting.

David Kusuma (USA)
John Thackara (UK)
Eray Sertaç Ersayin (TUR)
Reet Aus (EST)
Sergio Davila (MEX)
Paula Nerlich (UK)
Kärt Ojavee (EST)
Kai Realo (EST)

John Thackara

Eray Sertaç Ersayin

Sergio Dávila

Reet Aus

Paula Nerlich

Kärt Ojavee

Kai Realo

David Kusuma

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