International Graphic Design Exhibition-Competition "Personality/Individuality '22"

There are simple rules:
The opening exhibition of HGDF will take place in Haapsalu City Gallery from May 28 to June 26, 2022.
The theme of the exhibition is UNPREDICTABILITY to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the world-famous semiotician, literary and cultural scientist Yuri Lotman.

Up to 84 works in A1 size (vertical) will be exhibited at the exhibition.
To participate in the competition, receive viewing files of a maximum of 3 works (JPG, RGB, 300dpi, height 1000 pix, file name: first and last name) no later than April 25, 2022 at:
The authors of the selected works will be notified of further steps no later than April 30, 2022.

Participation and work in the exhibition format is free of charge. Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival's International Graphic Design Exhibition is a part of the XVII Tallinn Design Festival's program in September!

Strength and best ideas
Marko Kekishev
HGDF 2022 organizer

Yuri (Juri) Lotman on unpredictability

Unpredictability is connected to explosion both directly and indirectly. “In explosive circumstances the calculation of probabilities does not work, there is only chance, and the result is unpredictable,” Lotman explains. In his writings, unpredictability is primarily associated with culture.

Lotman explains that the future must be respected. And it is precisely the unpredictability of the future that must be respected, for which he emphasizes the importance of art: “Art is the teacher who has been provided for us for our entire lives, and which is precisely capable of teaching us how to cope with unpredictability.” He elaborates: “Art is free, like all thinking and creation. What does “free” mean? Where there is choice, there is freedom. And this choice must be unpredictable for us to be able to speak of freedom.”

These thoughts are from the 1990 recordings of the lecture series „Conversations on Russian Cultural History“.