Tallinn Design Festival took part of World Design Weeks Meeting ja Soumi 100 at Milan Design Week.

World Design Weeks Meeting gathered together design weeks from across the world.

WDW has three regional organizations: Asia, Europe-Africa and the Americas. In the meeting, each of the regions shared their actions to increase the cooperation between the members.

Design weeks are local hubs of the creative fields that connect growth metropolises’ creative urban festivals and their partners, such as academies and companies representing the design industry.

Now these connections are built globally in a new World Design Weeks network. It aims to elevate the global conversation, understanding, education and connection of people with design. It shares knowledge, resources and best practices, fostering the exchange of products and ideas, sustainable development, and the growth of individual design events. Its headquarters are located in Helsinki, and the network will be chaired by Helsinki Design Week’s CEO Kari Korkman until 2020.

Pictures from WORLD DESIGN WEEKS can be found here